The Sioux’s fight for the Black Hills is the American Dream’s nightmare

Making moments with your team will change everything.

On the last day of her initiation into womanhood, the rising sun finds Julene Geronimo, a Mescalero Apache, dancing beside the smoldering remains of last night’s fire. She is exhausted. …

Purpose beats profit. Especially with change on the horizon.

Everyone has an opinion about Blockbuster’s failure. Every consultant and analyst offers answers for their decline, decrying all the poor strategic decisions. “Blockbuster failed because they didn’t embrace new technology.” “Blockbuster didn’t accept streaming until it was too late.” “Blockbuster clung to old business models.” These sound like the right…

It’s one thing to say what you believe. It’s another to live it.

In 1776, a group of the most respected leaders of the American colonies huddled around a table, sweating from the oppressive Philadelphia heat — and because…

Harness the power of symbol and watch the world change.

Leaders, and especially founders, if they are honest, actually do want to change the world. Great leaders have some transcendent vision that makes them misfits and mavericks; they dream of rallying people behind a world-changing. …

And how to harness your brand for that same force.

If you aren’t a competitive athlete but you’ve gone on a run anyway, you might have Bill Bowerman to thank. Before Bowerman, running was largely seen as an alternative sport for crazies. Only “runners” ran.

Bowerman was a gruff, cold-eyed descendant of the Oregon trail pioneers. He came back from…

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